“ RAK Road Riders 2019 “ exhibition and retail show will include a variety of products and services targeting all bikers and motorcycle owners, lovers and wanna be owners.

The Exhibition And Retail Show  will include:

  • Bike Retailers And Agencies
  • Bikes Accessories
  • Bikes Custom Shops
  • Bikes Workshops
  • Bikes Technology
  • Sponsors Zone

Custom Bike Show

Bike Customization, We all get amaized by the creativity of any customized bike. right?

This is why we have created the custom bikes show and competition recognizing the best bike in the middle east and GCC areas.

With over 24 categories to compete within.

Stunt Master Cup

RAK Road Riders 2018 Created one of a kind bikers stunt show showing the amazing skills and experience of over 20  international riders to amaze and wow spectators with their moves and riding skills.

The Stunt Master Cup is an internationally recognized competition through out the world, and by bringing them to “Ras Al Khaimah Bikers Festival” will enrich the overall reputation of the event and will give the audience a thrilling experience through out the 3 days fest.

The Stunt Master Cup will feature in its first year:

Over 20 international  riders and internationally acclaimed judges alone side local judging team

It is a full international stunt show with amazing moves and grooves

The Ride ( We Are All United )

After the great success of the 2018 ride “ RAK Road Riders 2019 “ will celebrate its second year by organizing the largest motorcycle ride in the UAE under the 2019 s;logan ( WE ARE ALL UNITED )

Riders will follow a designated route around Ras Al Khaimah main attractions and points of interest highlighting the unity of all bike clubs, riders and enthusiast.

Guinness Record

During the RAK Road Riders 2019 we will be attempting to break a new  Guinness World Of Records .


A show with this magnitude will not be complete without entertaining the bikers, exhibitions and spectators a full line up of bands and DJs will play your favorite tunes.

Kids Area

We know that bikes are the big boys toys but RAK Road Riders 2019 did not forget the little one.

and as they say there is a little piece for every one, so we created a kids zone for kids to play and have fun while there parents and running round checking the toys they love to play with ( Bikes, Bikes and some more Bikes.

Food & Beverage

Dont worry you will not be hungry at the show …

We have created a food truck and hospitality zone for you to enjoy your favorite food and drinks without leaving the venue.

From Arabic cuisine, crapes, hamburgers to steaks and more.

enjoy your stay with a sandwich and a drink ……